Pastor Bernard Fritzke, his wife, Lorraine, and their sons came to Cedar Falls in 1960. They were given the responsibility of planting a North American Baptist (NAB) church in the Cedar Falls area. Many families had moved here for work or education and wanted to have an NAB church in Cedar Falls. Church services began meeting at the YMCA in Waterloo.

As the group grew, there was a need for a building and land was purchased on Cedar Heights Drive. The area at that time was called Cedarloo so the name became Cedarloo Baptist Church. The church was completed in 1963 by a member who was a contractor.  Much of the landscaping and nursery stock was donated by members of other NAB churches.

After a number of years, Pastor Fritzke’s allergies became so bad that he had to leave the grasses of Iowa. Ray Harsch became pastor next. Pastor Harsch’s wife, Bernice, and daughter, Cherie, helped with much of the music as pianists and organists. During that time, the church thrived so much that there was talk of expanding the building. Pastor Iver Walker, his wife, Donna, and three children joined the church family after Pastor Harsch. They began in 1969 and left in 1983.

Pastor Jack Holmes then led the church for a short time before Pastor Ed Rafferty took over in 1987. Pastor Rafferty baptized 39 people during his tenure. Pastor Ron Bartlett came in 1995, and it was suggested by the regional minister to change the name of the church to Greenhill Baptist Church. Pastor Bartlett led the church until 2001, when Pastor Orville J. Erickson became Greenhill’s pastor and leads to present day.